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Recognised Brand Names Gladiator® Hooks & Fishing Tackle, Gladiator® Champion 10 Reels , Gladiator® Rods ,Reels & Combos , Tortue® Fishing Line, Banax®: Rods & Reels , Bullfrog Rods , Crocodile Rods , Master Touch Rods , Oceanmaster Rods & Reels , Packmaster & Powerpack Telescopic Rods , Seamaster Rods & Reels ,Magic Wand Fly Rods & Reels , Everol® Big Game Reels , Gotcha® Prepacked Hooks , Hooker, Hunter, Henry Herring ,Tailor Mades , Lizard Wizard & Many More Lures, ASSO Fishing line.
Australian Fishing rods need to be tough and durable to capably handle big Australian fish and Shimano rods are some of the toughest on the market. Each model has been designed in Australia, by experienced Australian anglers, who know exactly what is required when targeting the local species.